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Log In. Heroes of the Storm. The Heroes of the Storm community forums have moved! Prev 1 2 Next. Jan 9, Mac Hot Corners is currently active during fullscreen gameplay.

This was not happening but ever since the Zul'jin update has been an issue. Game is unplayable with my Mac Hot Corners active during gameplay. Please fix this in patch or let me know how I can fix it. I'm not going to turn off Hot Corners just to play the game. Although this has not been an issue until recently so I'm sure you will resolve. Note that I did check to make sure my game mode was in full screen. The issue persisted with all game modes, I tried them all. Thank you. Jan 10, I have the same problem as CJSLater.

MacBook Pro Retina late Loks like it is after the last patch.

This is a problem across seemingly all Macs now. The "confine cursor" function is broken, so if your mouse goes to the edge of the screen, instead of staying stuck there, it will go to your second monitor causing your camera to fly away wildly, or trigger a hot corner. There are a few threads about it.

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Jan 14, See if that works for you. Mar 9, Mouse cursor fix did not work for me. You guys going to fix this? Hey Abomb, Back in January there was a specific issue with Hot Corners that this forum post was originally about. This was fixed with a patch later in January. What specifically are you seeing right now with Hot Corners that the issue? Please be as specific as possible as possible.

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Mar 12, Same problem. To play game i change resolution before start match, but this is really annoying. Mar 29, Bumping this thread as well I remember reporting it in https: Regarding what I am experiencing: Sometimes I have to hit the ESC key to re-focus back to the game window and then alt-tab out to change my hot corner settings System details below: System details: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro10,1 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: Chipset Model: Hey everyone, I have a small problem and I can't seem to isolate the cause the such problem.

My hot corners stops working all the time. I can't figure out why.


I thought it was a program I was running that would cause the issue but if I put the Mac into sleep mode then wake it up, the hot corners will work again. Using the keyboard shortcuts doesn't work either. My setup is: MacBook 2. I'm at a loss at to why it stops working all the time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Drew. If you try shutting down and booting up does the problem still occur when start up has finished. Hi Collin, The answer is yes. The problem will re-occur even if I shut down completely and reboot.

I was sure I had it issolated to running Keynote but the last few days the problem has happened when I'm not running Keynote. In an effort to identify where to look - if you go into another User is the problem still apparent? Hi Collin, I'm the only user of my mac. I could setup another user and see if the problem still occurs. I did the mac osx update to It didn't.

I'll give that a try. The sleep mode and wake up fix both issues. I have this exact same problem. Then for no reason at all they'll suddenly stop. I also though it was a program, but now fairly sure there is no common app causing it. Anyone got any ideas?

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Several months ago my wife's MacBook had this exact same problem. The bad news is I don't remember how I fixed it. I do know I found the answer by searching Google.