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When you know you left it somewhere like a restaurant or movie theater, you'll want to take it to the next level by tracking it and sending whoever finds it a message. For a stolen iPhone, it sucks, but there are a few things you'll want to do in that case to help recover it or make the thieves regret it. This guide assumes you followed our steps for prepping your iPhone just in case this situation ever happened.

Even if you didn't, there's a good chance you had all the necessary prerequisites enabled and set up. Before continuing below, the first step is to just ask people nearby if they see it, as that may be all you need to locate it. This step obviously doesn't apply to you if you don't own an Apple Watch , but if you do, it's perhaps the easiest way to track down your missing iPhone when it's just hiding in the same room or building.

Your iPhone needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network or connected to your Apple Watch via Bluetooth for this to work, so that gives you an idea of the range possible. If the speakers aren't working on your iPhone or you can't hear anything, long-press the same icon for about three seconds, and your iPhone's LED flash will flash a few times with beeps as well. This may sound weird, but if you don't have an Apple Watch, the next fastest way to locate an iPhone that you think is in the same location is to say "Hey Siri" loudly.

If it's close by, you may hear the loud beep indicating that Hey Siri is listening, and it might even be followed by Siri speaking to let you know she's waiting for a command. If no one has seen it and the Apple Watch or Hey Siri trick didn't work for you, it's time to access the tracking tool online. You should already have Find My iPhone set up with " Send Last Location " enabled and ready to go for just this scenario. Either access the Find My iPhone app on another iOS device you own or that a friend can let you borrow, or log in to Find My iPhone in a desktop browser at icloud.

Note that the mobile web app version does not work very well, so use it on a desktop if you're not using the iOS app. In the Find My iPhone app, you'll be able to see where your iPhone is or was located last on a map.

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If your iPhone fell from your pocket a few blocks away, knowing the relative location can help you recover it pretty quickly. If it's in the same location as you, it's time to play a sound on it see the next step.

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If your iPhone is on the move, Find My iPhone will show a green dot, representing the last known location of the device. In that case, move onto Step 5. If you know or think it's nearby your location, you may be able to hear it and find it. You can call your iPhone from another phone if your ringtone is loud enough, but if you're on vibrate or silent, your only option is to use the "Play Sound" feature in Find My iPhone.

Calling the iPhone comes in handy in some scenarios, as you'll see in Step 5.

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If you're in a relatively quiet area, this could help you find your iPhone. The next easiest thing you can do is call or text your iPhone from a landline calls only, obviously or someone else's smartphone. A stranger doesn't need your iPhone's passcode or your biometrics to answer a phone call, so someone may hear it and pick up.

If a call doesn't work, send a descriptive text message saying who you are, that you've lost your iPhone, and what to do if someone finds it. Una de las mejores aplicaciones para esta tarea! Para iPhone de iOS. Es un servicio en la nube para que podamos subir archivos, fotos, etc.

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Utilizaremos el llavero de iCloud. Hay muchas aplicaciones que pueden hacer eso. Ver iPhone en TV sin cables. Muchas gracias si me pueden ayudar.

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Para algunos usuarios es una novedad o algo imposible. Resulta que simplemente tocar los botones en el Centro de Control no es suficiente.

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Esta app sirve para rastrear tu celular iPhone, pero no necesariamente la tienes que tener instalada. Haz clic en la app. Abre la app Archivos. Solo debes descargarla e instalar en tu dispositivo. Links de descarga directa para descargar iOS Descargar Box Capture para iPhone o iPad.


Download the T-Mobile App, it's simple, fast, and easy to manage your account as well as pay your monthly bill. Los desarrolladores de apps para iPhone, iPad y iPod touch no siempre disponen de apps para Mac. Install your favorite apps from the 1 Indie Developer Appstore. Station unifies all your work tools in one neat and productive interface.

Pulsa OK. Si la app es gratuita, haz clic en Obtener y, luego, haz clic en Instalar app. Best iPad and Apple watch apps. Toca Instalar. And your newly created Mac app runs natively, utilizing the same frameworks, resources, and even runtime environment as apps built just for Mac. A pesar de ello, ninguno resulta exitoso. Manage files in App sandbox for saved games, chat histories and etc. Google apps.

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Total control of the native iOS File System, being a hacker is never eaiser. TutuApp brings a most convenient way to download apps. Import and export media files like songs, videos, photos and ringtones.

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  • Todas las apps para tu iPhone y iPad gratis. Finagle with a couple free apps, and figure out how to use their animations and music, it will be the same if not better than this app. Explora o busca la app que quieras descargar.

    Apps de fotos, salud, sociales y mucho mas. Download the app now to start designing! Descargar aplicaciones iPhone en Malavida es sencillo y seguro. Puedes usar un cable USB. This powerful app allows you to share, manage, and annotate on displayed content from an easy to use, intuitive menu.