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Clutchee 9. Manteka Print Clearly Magna Typeface GoodFoot Oswald Blackout Sofia Disco Ridge Andika Basic VAL Font Idolwild Enigmatic Bobber Typeface Pecita Capsuula Higher Reddressed Spin Cycle Nexa Sketchetica Six Caps Villa Didot Multicolore SorbetLTD Cartoonist Hand Johanna Pompiere Garton Gabo Anivers Short Stack Fabrica Mountains of Christmas Jinky Benthem Where stars shine the brightest Eraser Accent Crimson Cosmo Path Type Talking to the Moon BPdots RBNo2 ZalamanderCaps Geotica Gputeks Virgo 01 Deco Neue FortySecondStreet DymaxionScript Russian Dolls Font Spilt Ink Wave Me DejaVu Sans Mono Monoxil Stitching Font Oxygen Mono Navia TeX Gyre Cursor Telegrama Razor Verily Serif Mono Excellens Arvo Kawoszeh More details can be found in the relevant section at the AMS web site.

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One of the main extensions characterizing the Latin Modern collection is the addition of an extensive set of diacritical characters, covering many scripts based on the Latin character set, mainly European, but not only, most notably Vietnamese. This method was also applied to the font families distributed with the Ghostscript program to produce the TeX Gyre fonts.

The following 72 text fonts, published with MetaType1 sources, constitute the Latin Modern family:.

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  • In addition there are 20 math fonts, for which the Metatype1 sources were not published with the release of the Latin Modern Family:. Taken together, both families are now a completely modernized implementation of the Computer Modern Fonts in the OpenType format. The most up-to-date version , in various formats, including the OpenType format, can be downloaded from here.

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    Although it is written in the Czech language, the provided illustrations speak volumes. The e-foundry team is greatly indebted to Karel.

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    Michael Everson's site The Alphabets of Europe might be of interest to those who want, e. You may also find interesting the information on the Navajo and Vietnamese alphabets, both covered by the repertoire of glyphs of the Latin Modern and TeX Gyre collections.

    enter There are, however, lots of Latin-based glyphs missing from the collections, see, e. A historical note , provided by Nelson Beebe, on one of the first attempts at extending the usability of the Computer Modern fonts.