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The 25 Best Productivity Apps for Mac in 2018

Some are free suites with many tools, but you can invest in premium options and get extra features — the value may be worth the cost. Here are the best Microsoft Office alternatives for macOS. This is one of the best open-source Microsoft Office suite alternatives available on several platforms including macOS. It is an offshoot of OpenOffice and comprises a word processor, presentation and spreadsheet software.

Anyone who has worked with Microsoft Office will quickly adjust to LibreOffice because of the familiar features like the pre-ribbon era interface. LibreOffice suite has all the pro features in its offline desktop apps, including a recent online component that enables file syncing from OneDrive or Google Drive. This allows you to edit your files right in LibreOffice. The fairly lightweight and flexible suite is available in languages, with technical support coming from online, being an open-source software.

However, you might not always need support since LibreOffice is pretty straightforward and easy to use. It also allows you to export files into PDF format, and you can add more features like extra document templates through extensions from the LibreOffice website. It offers user-friendly and accessible versions of programs, with free and business versions available for different user types.

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It is widely used, though not as function-rich as Microsoft Office, plus you can access it from anywhere. G Suite integrates with your Google account, so you can open Word documents from Gmail in Google Docs and even access beautiful templates, add-ons, Google search capabilities, and superior built-in research tools.

With G Suite you can import Microsoft Office files easily and work on them and then export them in Office formats to share with your team or other recipients. You also get to leverage the Google cloud advantage and collaborate with multiple users in real-time on any document or file.

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  • Not only is G Suite great for productivity, it also offers up to 15GB of free storage. Plus, its Offline mode lets you work on documents while offline in Chrome. It is simple to use, has a beautiful but straightforward interface, and is more lightweight than Office.

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    Numbers offers a blank canvas for you to begin from, making it easier to add tables, images and charts. It also removes that feeling of being a ledger, unlike Excel that has a grid view. The presentation application, KeyNote, helps you create beautiful presentations without the hassles of PowerPoint. All iWork apps can export and import Office formats and other formats compatible with other suites.

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    The good thing is that you can access documents from anywhere as it enables cross-platform collaboration. Calligra offers mind map and project management tools, among many advanced features. If you plan on using the Mini for more than just your standard everyday computing such as 3D rendering, photo and movie editing then you will need the higher model. One that is based on the 8th generation Intel Core i5 6-core processor 3. And, if that is now enough, and if you have a deep pocket, push up the specs to include an 8th generation Intel Core i7 hexa core processor with 3.

    You can even up the included Gigabit Ethernet adapter to a 10Gigabit Ethernet adapter. Budget conscious consumers looking for a mini desktop are left with the entry level Mac Mini with Core i3 or the next model with Core i5, both of which are quite expensive to begin with. The mini desktop or small form factor segment has seen a decline as more people move to an all-in-one machine or a laptop.

    They have since ceased the lines in favour of conventional desktop PCs and all-in-ones. Still, if one looks hard enough, there are quite a few capable machine that will go against the Mac Mini. The unit can also be specified with Intel Optane memory for better system performance.

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    The mini desktop supports up to 3 displays with one at 4K UHD resolution perfect for multitasking or as a home entertainment center. Even with all that power, the system runs silently with optimised low speed fan setting. A barebone model is also available where you add your own memory and storage. Dimensions and Weight: x x 52 mm WxDxH , grams. Also included region dependent are keyboard, mouse, power adapter and VESA mount kit. A purpose built workstation, the HP Z2 Mini G3 machines are small enough to mount to the back of a monitor.

    Google Desktop Search: Is Lookeen an Alternative?

    As its name suggest, this is more of a workstation targeting the professional and business users. Like its newer counterpart, the UN65 also supports dual storage options with the high speed 10GBps M. The latter includes access to Cloud storage, remote desktop, files transfer and remote keyboard and mouse control. It even features the floating cover effect and air grill. But, this is no modular machine, at least not yet.