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Support for collections allows you to take control of your Kindle library and organize your books with ease. Book Extras by Shelfari. Access character descriptions, important places, popular quotations, themes, and book-specific glossaries from Shelfari, the community-powered encyclopedia for book-lovers. Both added earlier a German language version of Kindle for PC for customers purchasing content from the Amazon.

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Sorting of Collection titles On the Kindle device, Amazon did not make Collection titles sortable by alpha character, for some reason. If you click on more than one character, it instead searches the entire Kindle for that sequence of alpha-character which means a very long waiting time and a humongous listing of uninteresting Finds. But at least we have a folder-type way to organize our ebooks. We use a cache, so expect a delay.

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E-mail newteleread gmail. Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. March 21, Appstafarian releases Marvin 3, a worthy successor to both Marvin and…. A sad tale of Amazon monetization: eReaderIQ and the affiliate program.

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Apple vs. Rejoin us at TeleRead. Will Self…. Quick look: Google Pixel C tablet. The Kindle Oasis: A doorway into awfulness? Freetime update deregisters Fires, loses user data. Share on Facebook. The previous update for each of the apps included several new features which are also described on the current product-pages. Via A Kindle World Blog. Download the appropriate tar.

Remove the downloaded tar. This can typically be achieved by adding a command to the. For example, change directory to your home directory, edit the. If you are already using Eclipse to develop for other platforms, then the Android Developer Tools ADT plug-in can be integrated into your existing Eclipse installation a topic covered later in this chapter.

If, on the other hand, you are entirely new to Eclipse based development, the most convenient path to take is to install a package known as the ADT Bundle. This bundle includes many of the tools necessary to begin developing Android applications in a single download. On the subsequent screen, accept the terms and conditions, the target architecture of your computer system bit or bit and click on the download button. The exact steps to achieve this differ depending on the operating system. In the resulting dialog, choose a suitable location into which to unzip the file before clicking on the Extract button.

Once the extraction is complete, navigate in Windows Explorer to the directory containing the ADT bundle, move into the eclipse sub-folder and double click on the eclipse executable to start the Eclipse IDE environment.

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For easier future access, right click on the eclipse executable and select Pin to Taskbar from the resulting menu. It is possible that Windows will display a Security Warning dialog before Eclipse will launch stating that the publisher could not be verified. Once invoked, Eclipse will prompt for the location of the workspace. All projects will be stored by default into this folder. Browse for a suitable location, or choose the default offered by Eclipse and click on OK.

On Mac OS X systems, open a terminal window, change directory to the location where Eclipse is to be installed and execute the following command:.

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Within this directory, the files comprising the Eclipse IDE are installed in a sub-directory named eclipse. Using the Finder tool, navigate to the eclipse sub-directory of the ADT bundle installation directory and double click on the eclipse executable to launch the application. For future easier access to the tool, simply drag the eclipse icon from the Finder window and drop it onto the dock. On Linux systems, open a terminal window, change directory to the location where Eclipse is to be installed and execute the following command:.

For example, assuming a package file named adt-bundle-linux-x To launch Eclipse, open a terminal window, change directory to the eclipse sub-directory of the ADT bundle installation directory and execute the following command:. This will leave the Android SDK Manager running whilst ensuring that the Eclipse session does not conflict with the installation process.

In the Preferences dialog, select the Android option from the left hand panel and change the SDK Location setting so that it references the sdk sub-folder of the directory into which the ADT Bundle was unzipped before clicking on Apply followed by OK. The ultimate goal at this point is to download and install the SDK packages needed for Kindle Fire development. Most of these will be downloaded from the standard Google repository servers. A few packages, however, will need to be downloaded direct from Amazon. In order to make this possible, a new Add-on Site needs to be added to the list of sites in the manager.

In the resulting window, select the User Defined Sites tab as illustrated in Figure At the time of writing, Kindle Fire application development is performed using the Android 2. The current versions supported by the Kindle Fire device family can be identified by referring to the following web page:.

Using the Send To Kindle app for PC/Mac

For the purposes of this tutorial, the assumption is made that Android 4. Within the Android SDK Manager, make sure that the check boxes next to the following packages are selected:. With the appropriate package selections made, click on the Install packages button to initiate the installation process. In the resulting dialog, accept the license agreements before clicking on the Install button. The SDK Manager will then begin to download and install the designated packages.

How to Drag an Item to the Computer Desktop From an iPad

As the installation proceeds, a progress bar will appear at the bottom of the manager window indicating the status of the installation as illustrated in Figure Once the installation is complete, review the package list and make sure that the selected packages are now listed as Installed in the Status column. If any are listed as Not installed usually the Kindle Fire specific packages need to be installed separately from the generic Android packages , make sure they are selected and click on the Install packages… button again.

Most of the time, the underlying tools of the Android SDK will be accessed from within the Eclipse environment.

How to Read Kindle Books on Mac

That being said, however, there will also be instances where it will be useful to be able to invoke those tools from a command prompt or terminal window. Right click on Computer in the desktop start menu and select Properties from the resulting menu. In the properties panel, select the Advanced System Settings link and, in the resulting dialog, click on the Environment Variables… button. In the Environment Variables dialog, locate the Path variable in the System variables list, select it and click on Edit…. Locate the end of the current variable value string and append the path to the android platform tools to the end, using a semicolon to separate the path from the preceding values.

Click on OK in each dialog box and close the system properties control panel.