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Yet with "Daisy Jones and the Six," Reid has bigger game in mind than simply capturing a s ambience. In her novel, Reid traces the story of a mythical rock band on the cusp of global fame, only to implode in the moments before the group can truly take flight and set the world on fire. In many ways, it makes for a familiar tragedy and one of the great touchstones of Western culture: the unlikely loss of Titanic on its maiden voyage, the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger, and, yes, the disbandment of the Beatles at the height of their fame.

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As the story unfolds, we are treated to the voices of the band members, the managers and producers, the friends and family members who are along for what promises to be a very wild ride indeed. When the story begins, the Six are teetering on the verge of something special.


Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

In a moment of managerial caprice, the Six are cajoled into performing a duet with Daisy Jones, a sexy, headstrong young singer. When it comes to partying, she can surpass anyone — even the vaunted Billy. Her lustrous voice and star power are endowed with equal measure to her appetite for pill-popping and unbridled sexual excess. Buckingham did not watch it. His wife did. It is still a small world. But it has become awkward.

Fleetwood Mac "Behind The Music"

Do your job well. I asked about her daughter — it was neutral ground. Buckingham is not the first member of Fleetwood Mac to be fired. Guitarist Danny Kirwan was canned by Fleetwood in for alcoholism and violent behavior. Kirwan died in June.

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Buckingham, in turn, has a long-standing reputation as a hard case, uncompromising and quick to ignite. Oh, yeah.

Stevie Nicks - Behind the Music (pt1)

Practicing for his solo tour at a studio in Burbank, Buckingham is relaxed and chatty as he runs down the opening numbers in a song set list with two members of his band, keyboard player Brett Tuggle and bassist Federico Pol. Drummer Jimmy Paxson will arrive in a few days.

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Buckingham is literally a solo artist in that he records mostly at home, singing and playing virtually all of the parts, and he is an obvious perfectionist in rehearsal as he stops songs to resolve the timing of a part or the volume in his monitors. It is easy to see how, in a historically dysfunctional setting like Fleetwood Mac, that kind of intensity could spill over into dissension and stalemate. The latter are playing arenas into next spring. For a brief minute I was studio manager for a recording facility that housed a Neve and can personally attest there's something magical about them.

Fleetwood Mac ??/??/

One of the highlights of the movie is an interview with Rupert Neve conducted—and hilariously subtitled—by Grohl. In Sound City we discover Rick Springfield is actually a pretty fucking cool dude. The cast of characters that runs through the film is wide-ranging and through it all you get the distinct impression that Grohl is still pinching himself that he's living the life he is. And that's the key to the movie's charm. This could have been a VH1 Behind the Music experience of dreams soaring and crashing, but since it's told from the viewpoint of a dude that loves music, and its transformative power, and sees every creation of a song as a minor miracle, there's a generous beating heart carrying the story forward.

When Grohl is wrestling with Paul McCartney next to that Neve you just see two little boys roughhousing and living out their dreams.