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Posted by Raul E. Torres on 9th May Installation requires two additional libraries for Waveforms to work.


Once installed, the software is very intuitive to use. I always use the Analog Discovery hardware, and therefore, I had not tested the offline features yet. Very intuitive software.

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Now very stable and usable on OS X. A few more decoders on the logic analyzer and a basic pallet of tools to analyze signals on the oscilloscope and voltmeter such as slope, AUC, statistics would make this software very capable as scientific instrument. Very good. Posted by C. Posted by Prof.

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Hermann Meuth on 12th Mar With the upgrade to the version, the tool has become very strong. I would have given it 5 stars, if the menu finding the various functions would have been even more transparent. The software suite is very much improved from the first generation. Having multiple instruments open at the same time is probably the biggest plus. I have used or, should I say, dealt with data acquisition systems for over 25 years. They are expensive, require expensive software e.

LabView and their interface languages are difficult to use. The combination of the Analog Discovery device and Digilent software has made it very easy for me to take real-time measurements and, perhaps more importantly, to measure the dynamic response characteristics of numerous electro-mechanical systems. I've built, and continue to modify and upgrade, an interface board with pin jumper interconnections to a power op amp with independent power supply, also a current sense resistor and high-gain differential amp, plus other flexible interconnections, making it easy for me to measure dynamic impedances of actuators and transducers.

My board includes regulated 3. With the wound yoke removed, this fan spins with very low friction and gives a nice linear frequency response to both volumetric flow and free-stream wind velocity. It's something I need to calibrate, but it's far cheaper than a purchased windmill flow meter, and I can repeat this design approach with larger and smaller blowers to fit different tasks. What I'm describing is an ongoing investment of time and energy to adapt My control interface board to new measurement tasks as they come up.

All these process rely on the easy-to-use and highly effective combination of the Analog Discovery hardware and Digilent software. The graphic quality is excelent for the major kind of work.

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I zoom in and zoom out buttons should be added for the network screen to make easier when user need checks details between Bode diagrams. There is a bug in this version because every time I try to export any Bode diagram the application simply freeze and shut down. I like the new visual refresh of the WaveForms software. I'm currently using the previous generation Analog Discovery module. The hardware is easy to use, and the new software seems to be a great compliment. Great work guys. Posted by Alfons Stiehle on 31st Jan I made an small review of the new Waveform software.

Looks nice :- In the following a few suggestions and questions: - When in the Waveform generators was e. CAN, 1-Wire, I have worked in industry for 18 years and academia for 25 years. The instruments I have relied on for the vast majority of my hardware diagnostic efforts have been the multimeter and the oscilloscope.

Verifying processor input and outputs is fundamental to quality digital systems development. I used a Fluke MHz dual channel digital oscilloscope for many years. My office environment I most often use is a Windows 8 PC with two monitors. The following is a list a few of the advantages of using Analog Discovery system with either the Waveforms or Waveforms The waveforms software is free. There is considerable time savings and convenience of having the design hardware instrumentation on one PC monitor and the processor code on another.

The Analog Discovery small package size consumes minimal bench top space, 5. I have never experienced any issues with for the Waveforms software USB interface. The ability to use logic analyzer inputs to trigger analog measurements has proven to be very valuable. A PC can easily capture the Waveform displays and incorporate the capture into into word processor documents. Additional annotation can be added using a program like Visio. Ability to use the Analog Discovery as a data collection system for post processing. Waveforms improvements 9. More than 2 markers can be added to the timing diagrams It is nice the protocol list appear when adding new channels.

It is nice to have the programmable power supplies back.