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Those of us who have lived online for long enough will remember the Delete System32 hoax, with which trolls encouraged naive PC users to delete their Windows system directory.

There are, however, times when you need to access those files. What does it contain? How to get your System folder under control? There are a couple of Finder augmentation and replacement apps, for example, that make the process as easy as clicking a single button.

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After all, these files are hidden for a reason! In fact, you can check out all of the hidden files on your Mac by following just three easy steps:. This process will also work elsewhere, including your Documents or Applications folders. Be prepared for one very cluttered looking Desktop if you decide to uncover all the hidden files there. Some users have reported success finding documents that they thought were lost forever after their Mac crashed without saving, which is always a useful tip to have in the back pocket.

Terminal, a Mac command-line interface, is included in macOS by default and allows you to use command prompts to control your Mac instead of following a potentially complex series of instructions to do the same thing in Finder. One reason you might opt to use Terminal is that it allows you to hide any file or folder on your Mac, which is a great way to avoid that sense of residual curiosity felt by others should they come across a password protected. To hide files, just:. How to find the path of a file in Mac?

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Because these apps allow you to make hidden files and folders visible or invisible using shortcuts or clicking buttons within the apps, they make the whole process incredibly simple. In Forklift , for example, you can show hidden files by:. As you might guess from those subtle differences in terminology, we would suggest that Forklift is more suitable for someone looking for something that really looks and acts like Finder.

DCommander , with a larger range of features and toolbar buttons enabled by default, is still intuitive but feels a little more dense. For some Mac users, the question of how to see hidden files is nothing more than succumbing to curiosity. The first keyboard shortcut that shows the Mac Desktop is Command F3.

Press both the Command key and the F3 key together. The animated GIF below demonstrates how this effect looks, revealing the desktop on Mac after the keystroke has been pressed successfully:. You will need to press both Function fn key and the F11 key together to show the desktop with this keystroke. If for whatever reason the keyboard shortcuts to show the Mac desktop are not working, then you can enable them in the System Preferences of Mac OS:. These shortcuts will work even if you have the desktop disabled, some icons not shown , and are hiding the desktop icons on a Mac , but in those cases you will just see the wallpaper background picture rather than any desktop icons of course.

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I hit cmd-opt and 1 or cmd-opt and 2, and MacOS rearranges everything on my desktop. How to turn this off?????

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Do we have any alternative in such conditions? This only works once. These are nice. But I wonder — is it possible to hide all windows but the one that is active? Thank you!

How to Hide or Remove Icons from Mac Desktop

Swipe gesture is the easiest by far, but a bit hard to master. Spread with thumb and three fingers as other people already said.

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Enabled by default on High Sierra at least, not sure if you have to enable on older versions. The above shortcuts, trackpad gestures and hot corners do not work if you have an application open in full screen mode. It only works if you have partial windows covering the desktop. Spread with thumb and three fingers.

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Spread 5 fingers on touchpad. You prbly must ensble this in mutigestures of your touhpsd. The easiest wsy I think. You can also assign a hot corner to show the desktop which i find is easier and much quicker than pressing a key combination..

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